The Trump Card.


In the most unexpected of twists in the era of (largely) universal suffrage, Donald John Trump has become the President-Elect, the incoming 45th President of the United States of America.

Today, the day after one of the biggest elections in American history between two candidates whom the world seemed to feel was a complete disaster (as very aptly and comically portrayed almost everywhere on social media), the global community went viral with the news that the Republican Party member won the anticipated smooth victory of Democratic Hillary Clinton.

Just in the early morning today, during my daily commute, every broadcast on the web, the television and the radio were all about “USA”, “Trump”, “President”, “Hillary.”

The name “Trump” has become a common knowledge probably throughout the globe, in every major city, district and even household. Yes, Trump is unarguably the best known for the obnoxious, racist and sexist attitude that both the media and himself has always portrayed him to be.

It is understandable how confounding his victory was to the rest of the world. Many communities now feel threatened by Trump’s ascent to the highest office. It isn’t just the several groups of Americans in their own country feeling so wary, but even the rest of the globe.

I would digress here just to state that personally, I felt that Clinton would’ve had a smooth victory, seeing how all the polls skyrocketed her position and standing among voters. In just the past few weeks, Trump’s support base seemed to have declined relatively significantly following the several reports against him accusing him of sexual assault. After that many of Hollywood’s biggest stars and the globe’s most famed people supported Clinton, it was a massive shock of events that she didn’t win. Even the world’s famous individuals couldn’t motivate their fan base enough to push things to Clinton’s favour.

Well, this blog post won’t bore you with the political info that’s already so pertinently stated in every headline across the world.

While many feel that Trump’s victory is a straight walk into American disaster (even Captain America himself, ahem Chris Evans), there may be more to Trump that what is seen on the surface. And that is what I want to talk about in this post.

I do admire the way Trump had defied all odds against him, and essentially, destroyed the idea that conventional ways are always the best way. His election campaign, on hindsight, had been filled with many unconventional approaches, both speech-wise and in his uncouth demeanour.

It is true that his mannerisms leave a lot to be desired. His openly racist and sexist character has to be reined. It is after all, a very globalised world today. His negative conducts toward minorities and other social groups may well step on the toes of many nations. It is in the incoming Presidential term that we shall see how well Trump can play his role to keep his promises made not just to America, but to the world.

The President-Elect, like Hillary herself mentioned, should be given a chance, the chance that he deserves, to lead the country as its President. I believe that everyone ought to be given a chance, especially so after he incontrovertibly did put in much effort into his campaigns the past year. He defied the claims of pundits that states like Wisconsin would not be obtainable, and traveled to such states anyway.

Trump’s trust-in-my-own-judgment approach to his ultimate plans had paid off. Despite the negativity thrown at him (though rightly so), one cannot deny that this is indeed, a man of substance to want to make a change and having the audacity to make change happen. He saw the problems in America, he stepped forward to fix it. Hate him or not, he doesn’t bother. It is his view, and to him, his view is right, because he has envisioned what he wants to obtain at the end of the day.  

It is those who are willing to throw everything away who are capable of making change happen.

Donald J Trump took the ways he felt was right. He trusted in himself, to do all the most inconceivable things a public figure should or should not have done. And it worked. He went against those who went against him, fighting them back even harder. And it worked. Through the whole electoral campaigns, what I felt was that he was one who never really faltered in the face of adversity. He just goes forward and does his own thing anyway. And it worked.

This is a man who does things his own way, on his own views. It will be interesting to see this businessman-turned-President lead one of the world’s most prominent nations.

The coming 4 years will be an exciting term. Let’s see if Donald J Trump is indeed, America’s Trump card to be great again.




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